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Cookie Policy Notice

This Cookie Policy describes how Smith Bruer Advisors, LLC collects and uses cookies about you through our websites. 

Cookie Policy: A cookie is a small piece of data that is downloaded on to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies are used by many websites, and when visited by a user, ask your browser to store them on your device in order to remember information about you, such as language preferences, login information, etc.

How We Use Cookies: We use cookies for the purposes described as follows. 

  • Analytical purposes: Analytical cookies allow us to recognize, measure and track visitors. This helps us to improve and develop the way our websites work, for example, by determining whether visitors can find information easily, or by identifying the aspects that are of the most interest to them.
  • Usage preferences: Some of the cookies on our websites are activated when visitors make a choice about their usage of the website(s). Our website(s) then ‘remember’ the user’s settings preferences. This allows us to tailor aspects of the website(s) to the individual user.
  • Terms and conditions: We may use cookies on our websites to record when a visitor has seen a policy, or provided consent. This helps to improve the user’s experience of our website(s), for example, by helping a user avoid being repeatedly asked to consent to the same terms.
  • Session management: This type of cookie helps the website track internet usage. Session cookies are temporary and are deleted from your device when your web browser closes.
  • Functional purposes: Functional purpose cookies store information that is needed by our applications to process and operate. For example, where transactions or requests within an application involve multiple workflow stages, cookies are used to store the information from each stage temporarily, in order to facilitate completion of the overall transaction or request.
  • Third party cookies: When you visit our website(s), you may receive cookies that are set by third parties. These cookies are used for the purposes described in the points above. We do not control the settings of third party cookies, so we suggest that you check the third party websites for more information about their use of cookies and how to manage them.
  • Persistent cookies: These cookies store data on a computer for the duration of the period set within the cookie’s file, which is determined by the entity controlling the cookie, and can range from a few minutes to several years, or until manually deleted.

By continuing to use our website(s), you are agreeing to our placing cookies on your computer in order to analyze the way you use our website(s). Please read this Cookie Policy carefully for more details about the information we or third parties collect when you use our website(s). If you do not wish to accept cookies in connection with your use of our website(s), you must stop using our website(s) or withdraw your consent as stipulated below.

Control Cookies through Browser Controls

You can use your web browser to:

  • delete all cookies;
  • block all cookies;
  • allow all cookies;
  • block third-party cookies;
  • clear all cookies when you close the browser;
  • open a ‘private browsing’ / ‘incognito’ session, which allows you to browse the internet without storing local data; and
  • install add-ons and plug-ins to extend browser functionality. 

Each web browser has its own settings and preferences, so please consult your browser’s control options and user guide(s) as they apply to cookies.